• Architectural Systems

    Cedal offers a wide range of architectural systems, each with its own unique design and functionality, to meet the needs of our customers for their homes and offices. Our systems come with a set of attributes and technical specifications that allow you to incorporate the best solutions. Whether you're looking for aesthetics, functionality, or both, we have a system to suit your requirements.

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  • Aluminum Profiles

    Cedal offers a wide variety of aluminum profile designs suitable for sectors such as construction, industry, advertising, interior partitions, curtains, and automotive bodies. These designs are aimed at meeting the needs of our customers and the broader market. If you require a specific design, please feel free to consult us.

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  • Aluminum Composite Panels

    Los paneles de aluminio compuesto marca VITRALBOND se adaptan a los requerimientos arquitectónicos y a la complejidad de los diseños de las edificaciones, dando elegancia y distinción a quien los usa.

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  • Glass

    The glass marketed by Cedal is manufactured by specialized producers who adhere to industry best practices. Our glass portfolio is designed to meet the technical needs and requirements of our customers.

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  • Automatic doors

    Cedal offers a wide range of automatic doors, manufactured by specialized producers, that meet the accessibility and opening needs of various projects, including residences, offices, hospitals, airports, and more.

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  • Tempered Glass Accessories

    In technical collaboration with the German factory 'RINOX FAUFMANN LTD.,' which specializes in the production of high-quality stainless steel accessories, Cedal markets these products to complement designs with tempered glass.

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