In 1974, Corporación Ecuatoriana de Aluminio S.A. CEDAL was established, an Ecuadorian-owned company, with the purpose of manufacturing and marketing aluminum extrusions for both the domestic and international markets. It commenced its production activities in 1976, initially focusing on the domestic market with aluminum extrusions for architectural use.



Subsequently, new extrusion techniques were incorporated, leading to the production and marketing of aluminum profiles for structural use.



With the persistent efforts of its founders and collaborators, in 1979, a new direction was embarked upon, allowing for the expansion of its journey. This expansion included aluminum profiles entering the Colombian market through its subsidiary company C.I. VITRAL. Cedal opened its own distribution centers in the cities of Bogotá and Cali and established distributors with national coverage.


New Systems

We have maintained innovation programs for new high-performance window systems, which have expanded the coverage and usage of aluminum profiles in the Colombian market.


Establishment of ESTRUSA

In 1986, ESTRUSA was established, becoming a leading company in the manufacturing and installation of aluminum and glass carpentry systems and structures in Ecuador. With the initiative to actively participate in the construction sector, ESTRUSA offers products and services that integrate solutions with engineering and design.



In 1992, the "Corporación Empresarial S.A. CORPESA" group was formed, which currently comprises strategic business units including: CEDAL, ESTRUSA, C.I. VITRAL, TRANSALUMINIO, and COLECSIS.


Electrostatic Painting

In 1996, CEDAL incorporated its electrostatic painting plant into production, located in Latacunga. Currently, it maintains subcontracting agreements with specialized companies.


Portfolio Expansion

In 2006, CEDAL diversified its product portfolio by offering complementary products to aluminum profiles. This expansion included the marketing of float glass, aluminum sheets, Vitralbond® aluminum composite panels, climate control elements, automatic doors, and tempered glass accessories, representing leading international brands.


Foundry Plant

Aluminum is an eco-friendly and 100% recyclable material that contributes to environmental conservation. In April 2009, Cedal inaugurated a foundry plant, allowing it to use its aluminum scrap and existing aluminum scrap available in the Ecuadorian market.


Plant Expansion

In 2012, CEDAL expanded its production capacity and began planning, organizing, and executing an investment in a new aluminum extrusion plant. The factory was constructed within the facilities maintained by the group in Durán, Guayas Province, on a 65,000m² site, creating a nationwide distribution center.


Certification Achievement

We hold various types of certifications, including ISO 14001 - 2015, ISO 19001 - 2015, and OSHAS 18001. Cedal obtained environmental license No. 235 on June 2, 2013. On July 17, 2014, Cedal Durán began its operations with the extrusion of its first profile in accordance with the regulations of the mentioned certifications.


Woodgrain Plant

In March 2017, the woodgrain plant was opened, which allows for the provision of new finishes for aluminum profiles, offering an alternative to wood for construction.


Cedal Quality Laboratory

In December 2018, the Ministry of Industries and Productivity, through Resolution No. 18-389 issued by the Directorate of Quality Assessment and Control, designated CEDAL's Quality Laboratory in Latacunga to perform testing activities on aluminum materials under international standards based on ISO 17025. This achievement made us the FIRST LABORATORY NATIONWIDE to attain such certification.


An Established Industry

CEDAL is widely recognized in both the national and international markets for the quality of its products and the reliability and integrity of the company. Every day, we contribute to the development of the industry in Ecuador and the generation of direct and subsidiary jobs that complement the creation of new employment opportunities.


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